Measuring web traffic with Matomo

You get what you measure

Matomo is an open source PHP/MySQL based web analytics application to track online visits to websites and displays reports on these visits. It does what Google Analytics does, but it is open source. Matomo has commercial cloud based offering for those who do not want to host their own instance but the code is there on GitHub ( for anyone who is interested. I decided to first test drive the cloud based solution and then install my own instance. [Read More]

Setup a Blog With Github Pages and Hugo

Always be yourself. Except if you can be Batman, then be Batman!

GitHub pages are super powerful and very easy to use for creating markdown based static websites. In this post I will walk through how I made this very page. My setup will be two GitHub repositories, one for the source of the page ( and the other where the html artifacts are deployed ( Here I would like to note that it is possible to use a single repository with two branches, one for holding the the source and the other where the website is deployed. [Read More]