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Okey, let's start with a boring cliché...

From time to time we should ask ourselves how are we doing. Are we successful, are we on the right track, are we heading to the right direction, are we fast enough, are we accelerating or slowing down? This time I am talking about the openSUSE Linux Distribution and about the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. And here I quickly would like to note an important disclaimer with a short story. [Read More]

Contributing to SLE/openSUSE

What is the path of an upstream fix to a given codestream

The motivation of this post is to demonstrate how easy and logical is the workflow of an upstream change in a project to a given SUSE Linux codestream. I try to write this post in a codestream agnostic way. As I have experienced the workflow from the package maintainer point of view is the same for SUSE:SLE-15:Update and for openSUSE:Factory. What I want to do It all starts with a Bugzilla case. [Read More]