Private cloud based on openSUSE Leap 15.3 beta and Nextcloud

Be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn, In that case, you should always be a unicorn.

Motivation I used to have a Synology DS414 server what worked well for about 8 years. Naturally, occasionally I had to change disks in the RAID5 system in it, but other than that it did its job. But regardless of the really smooth user experience and the low maintenance needs I never really liked that system as the Synology Disk Station Manager OS is not like many “real” Linux distributions and the community behind that OS is basically non existent. [Read More]

Setup a Blog With Github Pages and Hugo

Always be yourself. Except if you can be Batman, then be Batman!

GitHub pages are super powerful and very easy to use for creating markdown based static websites. In this post I will walk through how I made this very page. My setup will be two GitHub repositories, one for the source of the page ( and the other where the html artifacts are deployed ( Here I would like to note that it is possible to use a single repository with two branches, one for holding the the source and the other where the website is deployed. [Read More]

Telegram Bridge

Who reads system logs anyway?

Motivation I got lucky with my original hackweek project and I have managed to set up my Leap 15.3 based NAS and private cloud running on NextCloud earlier than planned. So I though that as an extra project I will set up a proper system monitoring service. The monit service is very handy (thanks for the idea to Paolo Stivanin) but by default it wants to send emails when something goes wrong. [Read More]